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Music for Your Soul

Music—treasured hymns, brand-new choruses, the psalms—has always been a way God’s people express their identity corporately. We sing because we constantly need to rehearse who God is so that the reality of who we are in him sinks in. We need this music more than ever right now, and so here is a YouTube playlist embedded below) that Matt put together of the songs that we sing at church. If he missed any let us know in the comment and…

Get Ready for Sunday!

With this Sunday being our first service since we’ve had to stop meeting in-person, we’ve got some plans for how we can all continue to take part in family worship, congregationally and at home: We also have some plans in place for the younger generation: You can download a ZIP file of the resources that Jeanine mentions right here: We’ll see you (virtually) on Sunday morning!

COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Southern Cross, The Church Council met last night to discuss how we will go forward as Southern Cross Church during the next few weeks. Please take note of the following. There will be no Sunday Congregational Gatherings up to and including the 12th of April. We hope to be together again from the 19th of April but this will be subject to further directives issued by the government. To supplement our Sunday meetings while they are suspended and to…