COVID-19 Announcement

COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Southern Cross,

The Church Council met last night to discuss how we will go forward as Southern Cross Church during the next few weeks. Please take note of the following.

  1. There will be no Sunday Congregational Gatherings up to and including the 12th of April. We hope to be together again from the 19th of April but this will be subject to further directives issued by the government.
  2. To supplement our Sunday meetings while they are suspended and to encourage continued times of worship we are taking the following steps:
    • We will be broadcasting new sermons every Sunday
    • Sunday school material will be sent out each week
    • We want to encourage you to set aside time for family worship, especially on a Sunday
    • Prayers, song playlists and other resources to aid all of us in our continued spiritual growth and well being during this time will be posted throughout the week.
    These will all be posted on this blog.
  3. For the next four weeks, there will be no mid-week gathering activities including Community Groups, Children’s Bible Club and Youth Group. We hope that these will be able to recommence from the week of 13 April.
  4. Our Church is still a Church and our groups are still groups during this time, even if we cannot meet face to face. Please do continue to pray for one another, speak to one another (via technology), be devoted to one another, encourage one another, serve one another, bear with one another in love, be kind and compassionate to one another. Please remain in contact with your group leader during this time and know that they are going to be staying in touch with you.
  5. Pastoral Care will continue during this time.
    • Please communicate with either Jason, Jeanine or a member of our council any personal prayer requests or needs that may arise over this time – we want to help.
    • Should the time come that someone in our fellowship contracts COVID-19, please know that the church wants to help through that time. Please would you communicate with us, should this become a reality for you, even if you are not in need of anything – we would still like to pray for you and provide pastoral care.

Present circumstances will keep us from physically gathering together in the coming weeks. We must certainly act wisely and responsibly. But in the spirit of the apostle Paul, while we are apart, may we “endeavour the more eagerly and with great desire, to see you face to face” (1 Thessalonians 2:17).

Grace and Peace be with you all,
Jason & Jeanine


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